..Welcome to the Bohemian Fairytale..

.. and dare to dream..

Magical wonderland of games, possibilities & iconic Bohemian Bijoux where the following 3 rule all dreams:


…Secretly located somewhere deep in the Jizera Mountains…the cradle of ancestral glassmaking..when discovered, it will transform every day into a dreamy sensual journey full of love and joy…
Curious what’s behind the door?
Dream & Play for a while!

#  fairyatheart




Rubari is the Bohemian Fairytale jewelry handmade in the world’s cradle of glass and jewelry making – Jablonec nad Nisou, Jizera Mountains, Czech Republic.
Creating a world of colors, love and joy, we are proudly celebrating our heritage while designing sensual, yet intellectual, playful, yet elegant, traditional, yet glamorous jewelry full of symbolism and expression.
Purely made of the finest Czech Glass Pearls.
Designed by Lenka Roden and Martina Zemanek.
Currently at Signature Store Prague and FB. E-store coming soon..



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